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Student life

Extracurricular activities are an important part of school life and at PAC  we want your academic experience to be secure,  successful and fun. Several key services and programs will help you meet your goals and enjoy your time outside of the classroom

Diverse| happy

These are just two words to describe the student life at PAC. We have been recognized as very good center for student happiness where students learn with a freedom. Going for Lessons at PAC means going to school in Kalingalinga one of the most beautiful and vibrant compound in Lusaka. Even though PAC is only small, we have brought under one roof more than 10 different reputable schools from over Lusaka, giving us a strong sense of neighborhood.


There are incalculable things to do on school when you're not in class.










Quotes by students

Quotes by Violet Musukwa


Sweetheart, you are the one I love, I wish I could tell you how much I need you to believe in me and to believe in me and to stand by my side as we walk through life together and how proud I am to be able to call you my love. Your love is a flower that has bloomed in my heart so beautiful that I can’t stay a single moment without feeling its fragrance. I know I made no mistake when I decided to love you. You are just so perfect; you’ve got beauty of a prince… By Violet Musukwa (A high school student at PAC, a critic proudly known as Doctor Love, M2)



Marriage is like a pair of scissors moving in opposite directions yet punishing anyone who comes between them. By Violet Musukwa (A high school student at PAC, a critic proudly known as Doctor Love, M2)



It’s a joy to have a true friend, with whom you can relate to, who take from as you are today without a big debate. It’s really great to feel at home, when we talk eye to eye, with no prejudgment attitude, without the question why? Within your heart there is honest, when you speak your mind, and when my life is confused within, you help me to unwind. Your willingness to lend me an ear makes me want to share what ever problem I may have, because I know you care. You treat me with respect, you are always thinking twice just before you say just how you feel, before you give me advice. You understand I m human, that errors I’ll make and though I’m sometimes hurting you. Our friendship will not break. For being who you are may be richly blessed, with all the love that you deserve plus healthy and happiness. By Violet Musukwa (A high school student at PAC, a critic proudly known as Doctor Love, M2)

Directors Desk

Today, students are facing rising difficulties to perform well in their studies. Every parent wants their child to achieve well and go on to lead a happy and successful life. It has become more evident that relying on public schools alone to provide your child with the necessary education to reach their goals is simply not enough.

The Prof Academic Centres covers comprehensive examination requirements. We teach very important elements of examinations set by examination council of Zambia. Students who sit for international examinations such as those set by Cambridge find it much easier to work through.

It is quite evident going by the quality of solutions written by many candidates that most of them lack the knowledge of rules governing academic subjects especially Mathematics, Sciences and English Language. Hence forth, this center started to provide candidates with comprehensive Lessons, in an easy - to - understand manner. It is designed to enable learners to be systematically prepared for school certificate or G.C.E ordinary level examinations.

We are committed to providing all of our students with the academic knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in school and existence. Therefore,to ensure that we provide all students with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in school and in life, we have set high standards that are reflected in what is taught in our classes.

The classes are designed to be flexible and convenient for working, adult students.  And designed to help the working person earn the G.C.E Certificate they need.  The center offers financial aid assistance to students whose achievements we find exemplary.  As well, we have convenient tuition payment plans.

Any candidate who pursues lessons at PACS will find it easy to followthrough even at tertiary level. PAC is designed not only for revision.It is intended to teach the various aspects of the existing subjects.It will prove to be of great value and help to all those wishing to enroll.


Yahns C. Kata



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