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Prof Academic Centre is an organization which I started a year ago. It aims to provide exemplary education to the learners for them to be successful both in school and existence in the global environment.

In spite of problems like lack of adequate resources and infrastructure, our students manage to qualify in their schools of a state level competition due to their sheer will, practice and keenness.  Usually, our scholars are high school pupilsfrom government schools and adults scholars sitting for G.C.E or JSSLE.   We have taken the responsibility of educating them as per our capabilities. Our centre has achieved measurable success during the last year in providing basic education to nearly 20 students and many have been promoted to the next level after they cleared annual exams by ECZ.

To expand this program and train more learners and provide them with proper education, we request you for some contribution. To carry forward our ambitious projects, we request you to help us financially.

Your support will provide funding for the critical Infrastructure, physical and Human Resource for our Center. Material Donations can be in the form of furniture,text books, and computers. Any help that you may provide is welcome and we willbe highly obliged to you for your support.

It goes without saying that goodschools have a direct relationship with home values. I can assure you thefinancial well being has a direct impact on local businesses like mine. ‘

Thankyou for your attention to this critical need.  I lookforward to your positive consideration of support for my local school.

 If you have any queries or you wish to knowmore details about our small venture, please feel free to contact us on theaddresses listed above. We are open on all days between 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM.


 YahnsC. Kata

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Yahns C. Kata
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Today, students are facing rising difficulties to perform well in their studies. Every parent wants their child to achieve well and go on to lead a happy and successful life. It has become more evident that relying on public schools alone to provide your child with the necessary education to reach their goals is simply not enough.

The Prof Academic Centres covers comprehensive examination requirements. We teach very important elements of examinations set by examination council of Zambia. Students who sit for international examinations such as those set by Cambridge find it much easier to work through.

It is quite evident going by the quality of solutions written by many candidates that most of them lack the knowledge of rules governing academic subjects especially Mathematics, Sciences and English Language. Hence forth, this center started to provide candidates with comprehensive Lessons, in an easy - to - understand manner. It is designed to enable learners to be systematically prepared for school certificate or G.C.E ordinary level examinations.

We are committed to providing all of our students with the academic knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in school and existence. Therefore,to ensure that we provide all students with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in school and in life, we have set high standards that are reflected in what is taught in our classes.

The classes are designed to be flexible and convenient for working, adult students.  And designed to help the working person earn the G.C.E Certificate they need.  The center offers financial aid assistance to students whose achievements we find exemplary.  As well, we have convenient tuition payment plans.

Any candidate who pursues lessons at PACS will find it easy to followthrough even at tertiary level. PAC is designed not only for revision.It is intended to teach the various aspects of the existing subjects.It will prove to be of great value and help to all those wishing to enroll.


Yahns C. Kata



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